The Auxerre Town Council and Greater Area Authority Migrate 1,100 User Accounts to the BlueMind Solution


The Auxerre Town Council and Greater Area Authority were looking to pool their email services. Their existing providers –Zimbra and M365 respectively – had to be merged and evolve to accommodate the resulting workload increase.

The client also wanted to use that opportunity to define the collaborative baseware they had to offer their end users based on an initial scope – shared calendars, contacts, mobility, tasks, etc. – which could be later extended to include more collaborative features.

""We chose BlueMind not only because it’s a French alternative but because it’s also a stable solution that covers all our needs, including change management support, which is crucial.""
Nathan Setbon
Responsable de service Projet et applications des systèmes d'information

handling a heavy workload increase

The client chose BlueMind, namely because of
  • Its capacity to migrate two different systems at the same time.
  • Its ability to allow several email clients to coexist during and after the transition.
  • Its reliability and performance levels.
  • The sovereign aspect.
  • Its user-friendliness while offering all desired software features.
  • The possibility to evolve towards a wider range of integrated collaborative features – videoconferencing, chat, etc.

Migration and change management

Year of prep​
Months for migration​

The migration – which was carried out with a BlueMind integrator partner – was very fast, taking just 3 months thanks to painstaking preparation. This preparation phase, which included the functional, technical, recovery and support aspects, was hindered by the 2020 health crisis and took about a year.

BlueMind provided the Auxerre Town Council and Greater Area Authority with change management support through plenary training sessions as well as a wide range of tools for users – quick guides, video tutorials, up-to-date documentation etc.

Today, the Auxerre Town Council and Greater Area Authority have about 1,100 mailboxes and almost 50 resources with different access methods depending on use type (web, mobile, Outlook based).

Key Benefits

  • The Town Council and the Greater Area Authority have successfully pooled their email services.
  • The solution has enabled them to take on the significant workload increase generated by the merger of the two systems.
  • End user learning has been facilitated by BlueMind’s support and tools.
  • The ability to use different email clients (web, Outlook, mobile devices, etc.) has helped accommodate the wide range of uses and expectations in both organisations.

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