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Open Source: Toward Industry Maturity

Notre responsable qualité Dominique EAV animera une session (en anglais) le 13/06 à 10h30 sur le thème :

Collaborative email: Driving the open source revolution in an American proprietary stronghold

The enterprise email industry is dominated by American solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, O365, Domino or Gmail. This raises a number of valid questions about sovereignty. Where’s the data stored? What does the application actually do? Who has access to it? What laws are data and applications subject to? Whether you’re a user or an email service provider, there are alternatives to ensure the sovereignty of your mail platform.
BlueMind is a French complete collaborative enterprise email and unified communications solution. We offer any type of organization the possibility to opt for a sovereign, open and competitive email solution on par with American giants. In this speech, BlueMind’s founder Pierre Baudracco, will explain the journey of building such a revolution and the expected outcomes.

Dominique EAV – QA Manager, BlueMind

Au sujet d’OW2 Con

OW2con’19 is the annual open source event bringing together the OW2 community, technology experts, software architects, IT project managers and decision-makers from around the world.

The central theme of OW2con this year is: « Open Source: Toward Industry Maturity ». As open source is becoming mainstream, IT developers, vendors, users and even open source organisations such as OW2 have to adapt.

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