The BlueMind Solution

BlueMind is a complete unified enterprise messaging and communications solution that offers a credible alternative to Exchange, Domino or Google.

A proven, state-of-the-art product


BlueMind gives you control over your data and your budget. It seeks to bring you comprehensive, user-friendly, high-capability, efficient tools for your everyday activities. It is easy to use, install and manage over time.


We have hundreds of clients in production across multiple industries with an excellent satisfaction rate.

Vast ecosystem

More than 30 companies in France and elsewhere have chosen to become certified BlueMind partners to deliver the BlueMind solution, both on-premises and web-based.

A complete set of resources (marketplace, forum, suggestions box, online documentation, partner area, downloads, contribution tools, etc.) is just a click away. That’s AllBlueMind.

Discover the endless capabilities of BlueMind

Comprehensive Features

BlueMind provides webmail, calendars, contacts and address books, tasks, instant messaging, unified communications, admin console, security, AD or LDAP directory synchronization, back-up and restoration, planned task management, etc.

Web-based, mobile and thick client access

Web UI

All features can be accessed through the web UI which acts as BlueMind’s main UI. The quality of the web UI (ergonomics, responsiveness, etc.) makes moving to an “all Web-based” solution possible. It also helps you save on client management and IT assets costs.

Thick Clients

In order to meet all typical collaborative messaging uses and habits, BlueMind also supports thick clients:

  • Thunderbird: with an advanced, user-friendly integration of collaboration features
  • Outlook: with an add-in that enables calendar and address book synchronization
  • MacOS X: mail, calendar and contacts

Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets: iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc. email, calendar and contacts synchronization. Handles shared mail services and calendars.


Simplicity is one of our driving principles: our products are easy to use, easy to administer and easy to manage.

BlueMind has a fast learning curve and user feedback has been extremely positive. Its web UI’s design is low-key, user-friendly and efficient. With minimalist display, advanced features are shown when needed without hindering comprehension.

Daily task administration is graphical and made as straightforward as possible.

Installation and updates (subscription-based) are applied in just 3 clicks.

Openness and extensibility

Email is today’s number one communication channel. BlueMind allows any application to interface with its mail service to retrieve or insert information (emails, appointments, contacts, users, preferences, administration, etc.).

BlueMind brings openness and extensibility through:

  • web service APIs that cover 100% of the functional scope,
  • a plugin-friendly architecture,
  • the message bus.