email: The number 1
means of communication

Collaborative mail is businesses’ most-used IT tool. Emails, calendar, contacts and tasks — it incorporates everything office workers need to stay organised

Source: Study entitled “productivity at work and communication technologies” by Mitel France and published in IT for Business 2019

A critical tool at the heart of your business's data

Meetings, contracts, invoices, folders, conversations… Everything goes through your email solution. It carries all the information that is crucial to your activity, making an email crash more crippling than any other service breakdown!

But… the market has a lock

That lock is called Outlook — the most widespread email client and therefore the one many users, who are used to it, ask for

"We're ok with changing email systems, but we want to keep Outlook."

Sovereignty and user satisfaction
are finally compatible

BlueMind is the only solution
that can accommodate all uses

Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac, browser-based, mobile or a combination of those, whatever your users’ habits, you can accommodate them while preserving your email’s digital sovereignty 

The choice is here!

New webmail, natively Outlook compatible, the best Thunderbird, mobile, Mac, or mixed-scenario support…

BlueMind offers you a sovereign email solution your users are happy with