About BlueMind

BlueMind is a software company that designs, develops and publishes the BlueMind open source collaborative messaging solution. It is 90% employee-owned and has a capital of 337,500 euros.

A few clear-sighted ideas are the cornerstone of our strategy and positioning

Collaborative Email

We provide up-to-date collaboration software that distances itself with existing solutions with a novel approach to collaborative messaging in terms of ergonomics, architecture, technology and design. BlueMind’s key benefits are:

  • full industrialization (two-step installation, native integration with proprietary information systems) and streamlined ergonomics, efficiently fulfilling the demands of simple projects with a limited number of users while offering the flexibility required for larger, more complex architectures
  • a new, more robust, scalable architecture and facilitated distribution to support multiple platforms with tens or hundreds of thousand users and perfectely suited to the Cloud.

Functional Driving Principles

We are working towards a better and broader use of email and collaboration with a single idea in mind: bringing added value to users. Email is today’s number one communication channel, but it has significant shortcomings, often to do with inappropriate use (document storage, etc.) which we are addressing by:

  • Expanding the scope of collaboration,
  • Building upon and opening email to new applications and business solutions (CRM, etc.).

We strive to improve and expand the notion of collaborative email.


The development of today’s open source business solutions requires extreme specialization as opposed to a generalist approach. The new generation of open source publishers has chosen to focus on single areas of expertise in order to perfect them, build upon them and respond to customer expectations.

We specialize in collaborative email.

Publisher v. Integrator

Software publishing and integration are two entirely different jobs whose constraints and objectives can sometimes be contradictory.

We publish the BlueMind solution and focus exclusively on its development.

Open Source

The open source model is at the core of our vision. Our employees are involved in open source projects either as authors (Opush, MiniG, etc.) or contributors (Cyrus IMAP, Debian, Roundcube, etc.) and believe in the virtues of the open source ethos.

To us — and as the Open Source Think Tank held in Paris concluded — the open source model is a means of software development (shared technology, openness, tools) rather than a means of sales and marketing.

The BlueMind software is open source.

Open Source Publisher

Open source software is often taken to mean free software. Although these are not mutually exclusive, publishers do need financial income to fund software development and businesses need professional solutions, not just software.

This is why we have a pragmatic approach to the open source model.

We develop the BlueMind software, which is distributed under an open source licence and is therefore freely available.

In addition, we provide a “pro” solution — a subscription-based service which includes the BlueMind open source software as well as management/automatic update tools and proprietary system integration components (Outlook connector, ActiveDirectory connector, graphical update tool, etc.). What we seek to do is offer our clients a complete enterprise-class solution that allows them to adapt and evolve over time with complete peace of mind.

Our software is free. Our solution, which includes software, follow-up, guarantee, support and related integration and upgrade tools is available via subscription.


We develop the BlueMind software as an open source project.

The BlueMind software is provided under an AGPL v3 license.