BlueMind, Europe’s No 1 collaborative entreprise email software publisher

BlueMind is Europe’s number 1 collaborative entreprise email software publisher. We bring together France’s top experts in the field within an ambitious, clear-sighted project. BlueMind provides a sovereign European alternative for the tool we most use everyday and is critical to all businesses: email 

and freedom of choice

Digital sovereignty is more than just data protection.
It's also:

– Being independent economically and technologically

– Maintaining healthy, balanced relationships with suppliers

– Having freedom of choice

Our core business:
software publishing

Serving users through publishing excellence

Our main goal: to offer solutions users are happy using on a daily basis. User friendliness and user adoption are what drive our development activities

Continuous improvement

Being a software publisher means constantly working to improve our solution. New features, architecture evolution, staying at the state of the art, performance optimisation, technical debt resolution… our work never ends!

Open source

Transparency and auditability

An open source code implies transparency but it also means allowing others to study it and scrutinise its implementation. It also is a prerequisite to letting others contribute

Commitment to the ecosystem

Open source is a vast ecosystem BlueMind is deeply engaged in. Pierre Baudracco, CEO of BlueMind and co-chairman of the CNLL (National Free Software Council), has his hands in Systematic’s Hub Open Source, So Libre and the Paris Open Source Summit


Pierre Baudracco
on BFM Business

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