Mail and Contacts

Discover the endless capabilities of BlueMind


Integrated, user-friendly and feature-rich webmail!

  • Customizable 2 or 3-pane view
  • Shared mailbox viewing and management
  • Attachment drag & drop from the desktop
  • Address autocomplete
  • 2 editing modes: text or HTML (rich text, images, etc.)
  • ultra-powerful full-text and multi-folder search engine

Web-based email editing

Composeur BlueMind

  • 2 editing modes:
    • text
    • HTML (rich text, images)
  • Draft autosave
  • Attachment Drag & Drop from the desktop
  • Address autocomplete
  • etc.

Selected advanced features



  • Graphical signatures
  • Verification of addresses used in signatures

Filters and away messages

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