Our Target Markets

Companies, Private Sector

IT, Construction, Health, Manufacturing, Services, etc.

Multiple features, quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, all in one solution!

A state-of-the-art solution that covers all your needs

Email, calendars, address books, instant messaging, mobility… all of which you can access on or off site.

BlueMind supports heterogeneous, multi-client environments (Web-based, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac, mobile devices).

Easier deployment, 100% web-based

BlueMind makes your life — and deployments — easier!

Go 100% web-based. All functionalities are available with:

  • Rich, ultra-responsive UIs. Users won’t notice they are using a web browser
  • Offline mode

Native UI with ActiveDirectory (or LDAP) and Kerberos SSO

Efficient and cost-effective

Graphical, straightforward administration.

The BlueMind solution evolves over time. Updates and upgrades are just a click away.