Centre Hospitalier des Pyrénées

Email migration project -- Switching from an email system based on open source components to BlueMind and Active Directory

Migration to BlueMind at
Centre Hospitalier des Pyrénées


  • Giving employees a tool with a set of state-of-the-art, easy-to-use features
  • Making all features available to employees wherever they are in the hospital
  • Updating and simplifying everyday collaboration tool administration
  • Defining an extensible, open base for collaboration tools


  • Easy installation and updates
  • Faster user learning curve
  • An open source product:
    • industrialized, enabling quick commissioning
    • integrated, publisher-backed and supported. No hidden costs
    • a living product
      • user forum
      • reliable documentation
      • genuine support
  • Controlled subscription and migration cost:
    • migrating to BlueMind cost 3 times less than a rival solution


  • Linux Debian distribution
  • VMware virtualized environment


Eric Piollet, Technical Manager


Changing to a new email system has helped us be more reliable all round. Our users as well as our IT staff have made this observation.

Our employees now have a state-of-the-art tool that’s perfectly suited to our needs.

Our IT staff has an easy-to-administer solution, which means they can focus on truly business-specific issues.


Key Project Data

Client Type Health
Project Year 2015
Users 600
Commissioning Type On Premises
Migration From Open source postfix email, cyrus
Project Highlights Fully web-based
French Publisher
Lower Cost
Project Duration 6 months, department-by-department deployment, partner support
Total Cost Less than €50,000