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2019, the year when everything becomes possible

2019 is here, and it’s going to be a turning point for the European digital sphere. With the US’s “America First” policies and highly polarised powers, it’s time for Europe to capitalise on the pool of competences on its territory.

The past year has been a time of realisation. Digital sovereignty has come to the fore as a key economic and strategic challenge for companies and States alike.

The choice of an IT solution is no longer just about technological capability, it’s also about making a societal commitment, as it has bears on our digital (in)dependency and, in turn, our economic independence.

The choices we make with respect to digital technologies make us accountable. Local, open and market-proven solutions are available to us. It is our responsibility as economic or public sector players to make fully-conscious decisions. The French association of CIOs in major companies and public authorities (Cigref) recently named open source as a viable alternative to the domination of major software publishers.

Email is the digital tool most widely used by employees, clients, partners, in essence, everyone, and it is continuously growing. We have been campaigning for years to offer you an open source, transparent alternative to US monopolies. We’re aware that the key hurdle lies in changing deeply-ingrained habits, which is why we’ve been working tirelessly so that you can keep the email tool you’re familiar with, in a completely user-transparent manner. BlueMind v4.0 is the only solution that provides 100% Outlook support, plugin free.

Outlook, Thunderbird, mobile devices, etc., with the newly released BlueMind v4.0, you no longer have to choose between digital independence and user satisfaction.

This new year promises to be full of decisive projects for CIOs: governance, innovation, sovereignty…

The whole BlueMind team wishes you plenty of success, happiness and freedom for 2019!

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