BlueMind 3.0 is available !

After eight months of intense development and tests, BlueMind 3.0 is available.

This new release improves the collaborative features with the new instant messaging and enhances user experience with its new search engine, tags support, Mac application Calendar synchronization (CalDAV protocol), better Windows support and many other features.

1. New Features

1.1 Instant Messaging

snap-im-status-d9eea (1)The main innovation in this 3.0 release is the instant messaging integration, server and client, with :

  • Standard XMPP protocol
  • Integrated web client
  • Multiple individual or group chats

1.2 Full text search in webmail

v3-webmail-search-2-ae33c (1)A rich and efficient search engine for the webmail. The full text search is now based on the elasticsearch engine which brings :

  • Multi-directories and multi-mailboxes search
  • Multi-criteria search
  • Instant results
  • Archived mails and attachments are also indexed
  • In order to keep the global architecture consistency, calendar and contact search has been moved to elasticsearch too.

1.3 Tags

snap-cal-tags-zoom-e65e8 (1)Categorize and select your events and contacts with global or personal tags.

1.4 CalDAV Support and Mac Calendar Synchronization

snap-caldav-e6038 (1)The support of CalDAV protocol allows you to synchronize BlueMind with your MaxOSX Calendar (Lion or above).

1.5 SSO AD Kerberos

schema-windows-9e805 (1)The Windows single sign-on allows users to automatically be logged into their BlueMind when they log into their computer.

2. Global Improvements

2.1 New Languages: German, Italian and Chinese

BlueMind 3.0 is now available in :

  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Slovak
  • Polish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Chinese

All languages except French and English are from contributions. Congratulations and many thanks to all of our contributors!

An online tool is available and allows everyone to become a translation contributor, with observing translation rules.

2.2 Automatic Update of Outlook Connector

v3-Outlook-update_installed-5cb56 (1)No more massive deployments of connectors. The new Outlook connector automatically updates itself when the BlueMind server is updated !

2.3 Mail Filters Management Improvements

v3-filters-7eae9 (1)Now you can update an existing filter and sort filters.

2.4 Multiple Calendars Management on iPhone

IMG_0013-0b92f (1)Improvements of mobiles synchronization with the addition of multi-calendars management.

  • Feature supported by iPhone
  • A first support (not completely operational) is offered by Android KitKat 4.4

2.5 IMAP Proxy

A new component, the IMAP proxy, is added to the BlueMind architecture. It allows you to:

  • Optimize some IMAP commands and unload back-end servers
  • Transform some actions for external processing.

3. Technical Notes

3.1 BlueMind 3.0 Documentation

Read the complete BlueMind documentation : usage, installation, administration of BlueMind 3.0: https://forge.blue-mind.net/confluence/

3.2 Update from 2.0 Version

Be aware that update needs a BlueMind subscription

  • Always do a backup before updating
  • Indexing : In order to make the new search engine available after the update, data have to be re-indexed. This may take a while depending on their volume. The old IMAP search is still active as long as a mailbox has not been indexed.
    On RedHat, 2 operations are necessary : the execution of a command before the upgrade and a manipulation after for certificates.
    For our partners, more information can be found here : https://forge.blue-mind.net/conflue…
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