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BlueMind v4.0 unveiled at the Paris Open Source Summit

The BlueMind team is delighted to invite you to Paris Open Source Summit 2018, Europe’s premier event dedicated to all things open source, including software and digital technologies. Pierre Baudracco, CEO of BlueMind, is also the summit’s President of the Programme Committee. With conferences, roundtables and workshops, this year’s edition will particularly focus on the impact of open source in the digital revolution.

One of the related topics to be addressed at the upcoming POSS is the importance of digital sovereignty for organisations. You might have heard our political leaders’ recent comments about how Europe should not be subordinate to other major powers. This is particularly true in the digital world where major players are all too often engaged in locking their solutions to keep users captive.

For an email software publisher like BlueMind, this lock is called Outlook. It is the most widely-used and best-liked email tool and it is so deeply ingrained in users’ habits that the mere mention of switching to something different is a threat to businesses’ social peace. Changing email providers, why not. Changing Outlook, absolutely not!

So, how can we reconcile organisations’ need for digital independence and end-user satisfaction?

Discover BlueMind v4.0

We’ve been working on resolving this issue for several years, and we are extremely proud to be offering a genuine response: BlueMind v4.0. This new version is the only email solution that fully supports Outlook with no loss of functionality but also offers enhanced collaboration features for other email clients such as Thunderbird, the web or mobile devices. Sovereignty is finally compatible with email habits. You now have a choice! We will be unveiling this new version at the Paris Open Source Summit, with a demo on our stand as well as a conference.

Make sure to save the dates:

  • BlueMind Stand – C13-C15 – Throughout the Summit
  • Conference by Sylvain Garcia – Wednesday 5th December
    “Finally, 100% Outlook-compatible open-source mail” (in French)


>> Ask us all about this new version right now <<

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