BlueMind v4: what’s new

BlueMind v4 is finally available and it’s a true revolution. Thanks to plugin-free, 100% Outlook compatibility – a technological feat we’re the only ones to have achieved – digital sovereignty and user satisfaction can now go hand in hand. But that’s not all! Find out what has changed in this new version.


1- Mapi/Outlook: a revolution


Email is the tool employees, clients, partners – in one word, everyone – uses and whose uptake is constantly growing. For many years, we’ve been advocating to offer an open, transparent alternative to this US-held monopoly. As we are aware that the key hurdle to is about changing deeply-ingrained habits, we’ve been working tirelessly to allow your organisation to keep the email tool you’re familiar with, with no noticeable changes for users. BlueMind v4 is the only solution that offers plugin-free 100% Outlook support. You can keep your favourite email client and move to an open source European solution completely transparently.

By any means, we are not encouraging the use of Outlook which, as you know, is not an open solution! What BlueMind v4 is seeking is to drive a transition to a more ethical, open and healthy digital environment. We firmly believe that this implies putting user satisfaction at the heart of product design.    


2- Signatures


Centralised signature management is enriched thanks to WYSIWYG editing, in-email previewing and several other improvements.

3- Data management


BlueMind v4 now keeps directory data (users, groups, etc.) separate from user data. This means that after the authentication phase that uses the directory database, users communicate essentially with their storage servers.

On the storage side, the new version also distributes calendar, address book and other data over several servers. All this data that belongs to a single user (email, calendar, contacts, etc.) is now stored on one and only data storage server.

One of the benefits of these two new features is that BlueMind v4 can now support a greater number of users.


4- Archiving


Archiving is now completely automatic. No more tedious quota maintenance tasks for users, no more manual archiving or message archiving/unarchiving button.

Archiving no longer requires a client plugin. Everything is handled transparently on the server side and works on all email clients (webmail, thick or mobile clients).


5- Development


BlueMind v4 adds an entire email management brick in the REST API. You can find out all about it in the v4 API documentation, which also includes a preview of version incompatibilities. You can now quickly see if your development requires modifications when you upload a new version. 


Ready to move to BlueMind v4? Come and see us at the BlueMind Summit on 6th June 2019.