Find out everything BlueMind has to offer

BlueMind is a complete enterprise email, calendar and collaborative work solution. It seeks to provide you with comprehensive, user-friendly, efficient and powerful tools to help with your everyday activities.


Feature-rich, sharply-designed integrated webmail!


  • 2/3-pane views (Outlook-style)
  • Aliases, groups and shared mailboxes
  • Delegations, forwarding and filters
  • Attachment Drag & Drop from the desktop
  • Full-text search engine, including attachments
  • And much more…


An extra-fast, user-friendly calendar!


  • Easy to use
  • Rich, intuitive ergonomics
  • Offline web-mode management
  • Full calendar features
    • for users, organisations, groups and resources,
    • availability search (free/busy),
    • multiples views and savable contexts,
    • various privilege and delegation levels,
    • categories/tags shared between contacts et tasks.


Contact Management

Comprehensive contact management

  • address books: Directory, My Contacts, collected contacts
  • multiple, shareable personal address books
  • personal contacts and distribution lists
  • synchronisation with thick clients and smartphones
  • contacts and list auto-complete
  • categories/tags shared between calendars and tasks

Task management

Centralized tasks within BlueMind

  • create multiple task lists
  • tasks and deadlines visibles in the calendar
  • task management-specific UI
  • task forwarding (coming soon)
  • categories/tags shared with calendars and contacts

Integrated chat

Use the chat for fast, efficient communications

  • multi-user conversations
  • multiple simultaneous conversations
  • presence indicator
  • bridge with external XMPP servers possible
  • emailable conversation reports


Document sharing area

We work with technology partners to bring you storage spaces and file sharing services.

Attachments made easy

  • Attach any files. If they exceed size limits, recipients will be able to access them through a link in the email message
  • Store incoming attachments into dedicated storage spaces directly from BlueMind
  • Conversely, you can attach files from a file-sharing service

Safely share documents

  • Through our partners’ plugins, BlueMind allows you to specify file storage duration and automatically sets the authorizations required for your recipients.

Unified communications

Be more efficient thanks to the mail-VoIP connection

BlueMind supports VoIP calls, allowing it to combine email and talk services:

  • click2call:
    • dial a number with just one click
    • find a call’s recipient effortlessly!
  • get shared address books between BlueMind and your phone
  • see call recipients’ availability via the IM presence statuses
  • your availability for phone calls takes into account your calendar’s appointments
  • voice messages go straight to your inbox



We work with a variety of vendors to provide built-in videoconferencing featuring:

  • Videoconference bridges linked with BlueMind resources
  • Automatic resource allocation and deallocation
  • Unified contacts
  • Single authentification
  • etc.

Future versions of BlueMind will gradually include these functionalities.


Reinforced security through:

  • up-to-date system components (postfix, Cyrus, postgreSQL, etc.)
  • a built-in firewall that restricts access to authorized applications

Add any anti-spam and anti-virus tools you choose. BlueMind offers facilitated integration through:

  •  AltoSpam
  • Vaderetro
  • and the OpenSource SpamAssassin and ClamAV brick frameworks