BlueMind wins the OWF Innovations Awards !

Blue Mind wins the prestigious « Open Innovation Awards » at the Open World Forum 2012, with DocDoku and Hippo.Blue Mind : most innovative Open Source project of the year !The OWF Demo Cup has been recognized as an important showcase and...

BlueMind co-hosts the Open Source space at the “la Mếlée #16” show in Toulouse

Blue Mind, involved in Solibre, the free software working group of “La mêlée”, organized the Open Source digital space during the show “La Mêlée numérique 2012” in Toulouse Diagora Congress Centre on April the 25th and...

BlueMind: new premises in Labège with its partner E-DEAL!

BlueMind moves and settles with its technology partner E-DEAL, in the heart of the digital village, at the Hotel Telecom Labège: Telecom Hotel, 40 rue du village enterprises, 31670 Labège, France For BlueMind, the stakes are support their growth,...