Continued growth and record prospects for BlueMind, the European sovereign open-source email solution

In an increasingly sovereignty-friendly context, BlueMind – publisher of its namesake open-source collaborative email suite – announces record prospects for 2022.

A wealth of new exclusive features      

The BlueMind teams have been hard at work for three years on a new user experience-centred webmail and a sovereign, powerful videoconferencing service, improved handling of high data volumes and resilience including, among others, object storage support.

Pierre Baudracco, CEO of BlueMind, is confident: “With our new webmail, native Outlook support, videoconferencing features, BlueMind takes a further step towards reconciling sovereignty and uses. Collaborative email now has a sovereign alternative, and it’s European !”

The alternative to O365

The current geopolitical context, Microsoft’s monopolistic behaviour, pressure from customers who are growing resentful of vendor-locking, price increases (+20% in March 2022), can help further the issue of sovereignty and technological independence and the importance of a European alternative to O365.

Email and office solutions are key. They are deployed across all company users and therefore influence the entire business’s IT hardware and software.

“Everyone seems to finally realise the importance of having an alternative to O365 and the magnitude of the challenge. At BlueMind, this has been our mission all along. Today governements all over Europe finally seem to be waking up and the collaborative community is making itself heard. All tech players want to add email to their offering and BlueMind is the only sovereign solution that’s up to the job,” Pierre Baudracco adds.

Promising prospects in Germany and Africa

In 2021, BlueMind announced the development of its European ambitions as it moved into Germany. Pierre Baudracco argued that “Germany was a rather natural choice. It’s close to us, at the heart of Europe and shares our views on the urgent need for digital independence from US monopolies, in particular big tech.”

Today, BlueMind relies on three strategic partners who have helped deploy the BlueMind solution for local clients in Germany.

In Africa, BlueMind has just hired Stéphane Kisaka, a senior executive in Congo, who will be supporting and promoting the BlueMind solution in Africa as demand for it grows. New partnerships are already in the pipeline.

Growth means new hires

To support the company’s growth, BlueMind is making headway and has already hired six new employees with a variety of profiles (support, sales, developers, etc.).

A strong, expanding partner network

BlueMind focuses on its business as a software publisher. It relies on a strong and varied partner network to support its clients’ deployment and hosting projects, no matter how diverse or challenging.

Recent additions to BlueMind’s technological and commercial partners includes CHEOPS, Centaur and New Digital Africa. 

Further prospects and a clear strategy

BlueMind is set on a path to sustained, controlled growth through talent growth and a four-point roadmap:

  • Innovation, through continued enhancements and upgrades in order to consolidate BlueMind’s position as the number 1 alternative to Microsoft’s email.
  • The consolidation and expansion of its partner network across Europe and Africa.
  • Further integration into other collaborative solution offerings and digital workplaces to become the go-to global email building block for O365 alternatives.
  • Renewed commitment to the open-source ecosystem through the co-chairmanship of the French National Free Software Council (CNLL), the vice-chairmanship of the Systematic Open Source Hub and the chairmanship of SoLibre.

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