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BlueMind moves into Germany

BlueMind, publisher of the first sovereign European open-source email solution continues to grow and is moving into Germany through local partnership agreements.

A key market in Europe

Europe, and in particular the Franco-German couple, is contending with an unprecedented wakeup call about the significance of digital sovereignty and its technological independence. Yet, key sections of European economy are still under threat. One of them, business email, companies’ most popular and critical IT tool and the hub of all important work documents, is left in the hands of US solutions: O365, Exchange, Google… Why? Because as far as email is concerned, user habits trump all other considerations.

BlueMind is the only natively Outlook-compatible solution and brings the best Thunderbird, web and mobile support. BlueMind preserves user habits while offering a wide range of features (calendars, tasks, corporate signatures, linked attachments, collaboration, etc.).

BlueMind has already won over 500 businesses and administrations including the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Airbus Defence and Space, Thalès, the Marseille City Council and strives to become the European champion of open-source email.

BlueMind CEO Pierre Baudracco explains: “The reason for choosing Germany was self-evident. It’s close to us, it’s at the heart of Europe and they share our perception about the urgent need for digital independence from US monopolies, in particular GAFAM.”

A local network of partners

Just like in France, BlueMind will continue to focus on its core mission as a software publisher. This means that its German expansion will rely on a strong and diverse network of partners to support local clients in their deployment and hosting projects.

One of BlueMind’s first German partners is DECOIT® GmbH who supplies, optimises, supports and provides security for technical IT infrastructure projects as well as develops innovative, client-centric open-source software solutions.

Merle El-Khatib, DECOIT® GmbH’s Marketing Director, says: “Based in Bremen (Germany), DECOIT® GmbH is a system integrator that has been optimising, protecting and maintaining its clients’ IT infrastructures since 2001. Our clients’ needs are always our priority. Our focus on open-source software lines up with BlueMind’s. Although email solutions are core to any business, very few solutions in Germany offer tailor-made features that respond to end users’ needs. We are delighted to be BlueMind’s first local partner.”

About BlueMind

BlueMind is a complete collaborative business email and unified communications solution. As Europe’s first open-source software publisher, BlueMind brings organisations of all shapes and sizes the choice of a sovereign email solution that is compatible with user habits.

Pierre Baudracco, CEO of BlueMind, has served several times as President of the Paris Open Source Summit Programme and has been sitting as co-Chairman of CNLL, the Free Software National Council, since October 2019.

Website: http://www.bluemind.net/

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